Actually if the dollar is devalued

the price of gold goes up, we have sold a bit of silver and we received 2% below the current market value .. if the stored don’t have what we need I hope we have had the forethought to plan for that. Our family actually lived off grid for 9 months, so no electricity would not be a problem. We have well water and both n electric and hand pump, we live on an old farm stead and maintain the old outhouse for summer bbqs etc… so that would not be a problem.
We have a large garden and chickens we did have goats but choose not to right now.I can dehydrate and can foods and we also have an outdoor oven that we are tweaking. The dollar originally was only printed with the gold to back it up, that has since gone haywire with lots of dollars being printed… and not the gold to back it up… something has to give at some point, just like it did in Germany…. it just makes us comfortable to have a bit of something that can not diminish if something should happen… this does not mean we do not have other types of savings