Can I complain for a moment this morning????

So far in the last 12 hours…….

1) my cellphone summarily died. I have an unresponsive startup screen. Most of the recommendations that I’ve been reading online, say to pull the battery which triggers a factory-fresh reset. Which means I’ll lose all the info I’ve put on it. Looking for other options.

2) our bread machine paddle broke apart, during an overnight bake cycle, so I have bits of broken paddle in our only-partially-kneaded-and-risen loaf of bread, which I usually have for breakfast (the bread, not the paddle). That wonderful fresh loaf might have to go in the trash if I get into it and find lots of little bits of sharp shattered paddle.

3) DH’s truck was only able to limp home last night, with barely enough power to get up our big hill. We’re hoping he makes it to to the repair shop this morning without a tow. It was already scheduled to go in for servicing today, so at least its appearance won’t be a surprise. But my truck is still down (the carb wasn’t the problem and we’re still tracing out what IS the problem). So between the two of us, we have zero functional vehicles this morning. The repair shop does offer loaner cars, which is good since our one rental car agency in town won’t rent to folks who don’t have credit cards. I guess we could rent a van from the very nice U-haul folks who DO rent to folks who don’t have credit cards. I think those U-haul folks will get a lot of business from us. But have you ever gone to the grocery store in a U-haul van?