I know I routinely ignore the once a month posts

which are auto sent to our group, and if you are like me, you do the same. However, I did stop and pause at this one and thought these questions are indeed relevant to our recent budgeting discussion so I thought I would start a separate thread surrounding them. Are you doing any of this? Routinely?
Is your checkbook balanced?
Are your bills all opened?
Have you composed your budget?
When is your next anticipated payday?
How much money do you expect?
Where do you PLAN to put that money?
You aren’t still hanging on to a credit card as a security blanket ARE YOU?!?!
-If you ARE holding on to a credit card, and you can call in to Dave’s show, call in on a Friday, and kill the card on the air, and get cool perks!
Are you ready to fund your envelopes?
Look over your spending from the previous pay period. Does anything need to be adjusted?Write out the checks for your bills, or set up the E-payments.Do you have an emergency fund?