I ran out of Super Irish Breakfast tea yesterday

which is my turbo-charged tea that I start my day with. Didn’t discover that we were out until this morning. Not sure I’m Irish this morning without my tea. Maybe the cellphone drank the last of it last night while I wasn’t looking. But now I’m down two of my normal breakfast items.One of the goats was out before I even discovered I was out of my preferred startup tea. Maybe she was on her way to the grocery store to get more, so that DH’s truck wouldn’t have to make the trip and we wouldn’t need to go in the U-haul van.
After a day of mucking out the goat barn yesterday, I didn’t sleep well last night thanks to some bones and/or muscles in my back which aren’t playing nice. As I laid there this morning wishing my arm didn’t burn and my neck didn’t have a crick in it, I thought to myself “oh well, my first cup of Super Irish Breakfast will make everything better.” But that’s OK. Chasing around the loose goat will loosen everything up in my back too. Or maybe I’ll just hike down the hill to the grocery store, and hike back up the hill with tea and bread. That’ll work the kinks out of my system.
So now I’m debating the meaning of life without tea, without bread, without a single functional vehicle between the two of us, without a cellphone, with a goat on the loose and a back that hurts. That’s my day so far. But at least we have a zero-based budget for February. So far.