I’m back and sorry about that

I was feeling a tad jumped on. Probably me over-reacting rather than anything anyone said. We’ve had a very high octane week here, and I’m running a tad low on energy (and probably patience and humor).
One thing – I did check and folks can buy and sell gold bullion privately without going through the US govt to do so. Bullion can also be “traded” for similar value in gold coin. The companies that do so may not be very noticeable, but they’re out there. One of the companies that does so here regionally is called the NW Territorial Mint (bullion.nwtmint.com). I’m sure just about every major metro area has a few businesses like this.
What usually happens is that such companies will allow you to buy, sell or exchange various forms of precious metals, and they’re the “handler”, and they stay in business via transaction fees. So with the aforementioned exchange between gold bullion and gold coin, they’d calculate the exchange rate per daily published rate tables (rather like the exchange rates between various forms of currency), then either charge a per ounce fee or a flat fee, to make the exchange. I would encourage folks who are interested in such things to check out several businesses, and steer clear of “mail in your gold and get cash” type arrangements. Plenty of fly-by-night companies in this particular arena, but there are plenty of reputable businesses too, who are there to provide long term, competent services.
I have to admit, I’m not in the least pleased about how the federal government has been handling our ongoing economic crisis, and I too have wondered where our dollar is headed over the last few years. Even before DR, I could see a certain amount of “we’re not heading in good directions” in terms of national economic policy. So the topic of working in a currency that is rather independent of the dollar has some appeal. I do hope that what I’ve provided today has at least given folks some good solid info to work with, as they mull whether to get into gold/silver. I’ll go find my happy place and see if I can lighten up a little. National economic policy gets me grouchy pretty fast.