Oh, it’s not actually as hopeless as I made it sound.

Both trucks will eventually be fixed, my back and neck stiffness is par for the course and those aches will work themselves out, and we do have other tea and bread in the house. Just not THAT tea and bread.
One of the really comical parts of all this, is that DH recently discovered a Stash tea sale at one of the regional stores. So he totally blew the grocery budget that week because “that price was just too good to leave alone”. But they didn’t have any Super Irish Breakfast, so he brought home a different flavor that I don’t drink very often. After all, a sale is a sale. So now our tea cabinet is chock full of Orange Spice and woefully empty of Super Irish Breakfast. At least I had some Moroccan Mint which sufficed for the morning. But I’m about to brew a rather stiff cuppa of chai, which will get the caffeine into my system. And he dug out some cinnamon raisin bagels from the pantry for me just in case the bread is inedible.
So I won’t starve and I won’t go without caffeine, and we’ll have wheels again this afternoon. It just cracked me up when all these little things went wrong, simultaneously. I’ll figure out the phone and I’ll call the bread machines today and have them send me a new paddle. That bread machine is less than a year old (maybe less than 6 months) so that paddle should still be under warranty. Or someone there is going to get an earful from me about it. And I have a streaming audio radio station out of Dublin that I’m listening to at the moment, so I’m probably still Irish.The most bizarre thought so far this morning? When all this stuff started going wrong, I flashed back to DR saying in class that as soon as we get a good budget put together, Murphy shows up. So as I looked at the empty tea box and the ruined bread and the goat running around and the dead cellphone and the two barely running trucks in the drive, I thought “wow, I guess we did a good job on the budget this month.”